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Spectral Lotus Jewelry
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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    •••Spectral Lotus Jewelry•••
    ~natural gemstone jewelry~
    ~Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. ~
    ~10% of sales donated to local charities ~

    -Spectral Lotus natural gemstone bracelets are unique and eye catching, they make the perfect gift to yourself or to a loved one. Birthdays. holidays, weekdays...any day is a good time to stock up, and stack up. With a variety of sizes, styles and designs available, there is something for everybody. Whether you prefer neutral or vibrant, modest or flashy, metallic accents or straight up stone-cold gemstone; there is something to suit you and your own personal style. Our bracelets are trendy and timeless: gemstone jewelry has been fashionable for thousands of years, and at this point I think that it is a trend that is here to stay ;) .
    --Natural gemstone bracelets are great for everyday wear, night or day, whether you're at work, out on the town or doing your own thing. They can be worn alone or stacked up as high as your arm can handle..the possibilities are endless. Spectral Lotus bracelets can easily be dressed up or down, worn as statement pieces of fashionable jewelry or utilized as aids during yoga or meditation. Mala bracelets or malas are a commonly used during yoga & meditation as aids to focus on an intention or mantra. A mala may serve as visual reminder of intention when worn or placed on your mat. Alternately, beads may be used more tangibly by counting them between the thumb and middle finger to stay focused on an intention during meditation. An intention/mantra can be whatever you want it to be: a positive affirmation, something to work on, something to remember or be mindful about, a quote that inspires you, whatever speaks to you, there are no rules for this kind of thing. Wear them one at a time, or a whole armful at a time, the choice is yours. Trust me when I say it's tough to only choose one and that they are best enjoyed stacked up! ...just putting it out there ;) Compliments guaranteed! ;)
    -- Made from quality natural gemstones and lots of love, Spectral Lotus bracelets are durable and made to last: all bracelets are double knotted and secured with superglue for added strength. Proper care should be taken (no excessive pulling/stretching) so that your bracelets may be enjoyed for many years (and many adventures)to come.
    --Keep in mind that because I use natural gemstone beads there is commonly slight variation form bead to bead. I personally find the natural variation in the stones to be much more beautiful and eye catching. Translucent and semi-transparent stones are often especially stunning when held up to the light: doing so brings clarity to the unique internal structure of each bead, accentuating inclusions, growth lines, and banding that may be otherwise obscured. In addition to aesthetics, I much prefer the weight and feel of natural gemstones to plastic or artificial beads.. as with many things in life: there's nothing that compares to the real deal.
    --Handmade with good vibes only; designed, packed and shipped with lots of love ;)
    --Feel free to give me a shout with any comments or questions.. I am happy to accommodate custom orders to the best of my ability

    --Thank you--
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